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Indications regarding the use of cookies, as well as the assessment of the use data and the using of analysis tools

We use cookies and similar software tools, such as HTML5 Storage or Local Shared Objects (all being named hereinafter „cookies“), in order to recognize your interests as a user and the highly popular areas on our web pages, improving thus the manner in which these are conceived and making them more accessible. For the same purposes, we use analysis tools such as Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics; in this context, also cookies may be used.

1. Functions and use of cookies

a. Cookies are small size files, which may be stored on your desktop, notebook or mobile device from a web page you visit. Thus, we may identify, for example, whether between your device and our web pages there was a connection before, or what language or other settings you prefer. Cookies may contain also personal data.

b. By using our web pages, you agree on the use of cookies.

You have, however, the possibility to visit our web pages even if you do not agree on the use of cookies. That is you may refuse their use, and you may delete cookies, at any time, if you select the corresponding settings on your device. This should be done as follows:

i. Most browsers are set by default, so that to accept automatically cookies. You may change such default settings, by enabling in your browser the setting *do not accept cookies*.

ii. The existing cookies may be deleted at any time. For details regarding such function, please see the instructions provided by the browser manufacturer, respectively, the manufacturer of your device.

iii. You may find information about disabling Local Shared Objects, by visiting the following link:
•Information about disabling Local Shared Objects 

iv. As in the case of using cookies, their rejection or deletion is related to the device used, as well as to the browser used. Therefore, you should reject or delete, separately, the cookies for each of your devices, and, if you use several browsers, for each browser.

c. If you choose to reject the use of cookies, you will probably not have access to all the functions of our web pages, or you will have only limited access to certain functions.

d. Cookies fall into the following categories:

i. Cookies that are absolutely necessary (type 1)
 Such cookies are absolutely necessary for the functions of web pages. Without such cookies, we could not, for example, provide you services, such as the motor vehicle configurator.

ii. Functional cookies (type 2)
 Such cookies facilitate the use of and improve the functions of web pages. In the functional cookies we store, for example, your language settings.

iii. Performance cookies (type 3)
 Such cookies collect information about the manner in which you use our web pages. Thus, we can identify the highly popular parts of our internet offer and, in this way, we may improve our offer for you. For such purpose, please read also the chapter „Assessment of use data“.

iv. Cookies of third parties (type 4)
 Such cookies are placed by third parties, for example, social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and their contents may be embedded by means of „social plugins“ provided by our web pages. Detailed information about the use and function of social plugins may be found in the Privacy Statement under point 4.
•Privacy Statement 

On our website, we use the following cookies:

Cookie name


Cookie type

Cookie-ul has_js is recording whether your browser has the JavaScript enabled.  Type 1 and Type 3 

This cookie is set so that to check whether the user agreed or not on the cookie policy of this website. Type 3 

2. Assessment of the use data;

The use of analysis tools

a. We wish to adapt the content of our web pages as accurately as possible to your interests and, thus, to improve our offer for you. In order to recognize the user preferences and the highly popular areas on our web pages, we use the following analysis tools: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics .

b. By using these analysis tools, data may be transferred to servers located in USA, where they are to be processed. For this purpose, please consider the following: From the point of view of the European Union, in the USA, there is no „proper protection level” according to the EU standards on personal data processing. However, for certain companies, such protection level may be replaced by a certification, according to the so-called “EU-USA privacy shield”.

c. If you do not wish that we collect and assess information about your visit on our web pages, by using the analysis tools mentioned, you can withdraw your agreement any time, effective in the future („opt-out“).

In order to implement the withdrawal of your agreement, we will install in your browser an opt-out cookie. Such cookie is designed exclusively for the withdrawal of your agreement. Please consider that, for technical reasons, an opt-out cookie becomes effective only in the browser it was installed in. If you delete the cookies, or you use another browser, respectively, another end device, please set again the opt-out option.

d. Hereinafter, you will find information about the providers of the analysis tools used by us and about the related opt-out option:

i. Google Inc. („Google“):

Google is certified according to the EU-USA Privacy Shield.

You can prevent the transfer of your data and their collection and processing by Google. Google provides information in this regard, at the following link:

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