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Legal Terms

Mercedes-Benz Romania warrants the confidentiality and processing of your personal data collected during your visit on the internet pages of the Mercedes-Benz brand, according to the relevant legislation in force.

Mercedes-Benz Romania SRL is a personal data controller.

The Mercedes-Benz internet pages may include, however, links to other internet pages for which we do not undertake any legal liability regarding the confidentiality of such personal data. Our company respects your right to privacy, and we warrant the protection of your data, guaranteeing you that such data shall not be disclosed to third parties, unless you agree on that.

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Certain information about products, illustrations and images contained on this internet page were prepared for general use, for the internet pages of the Daimler AG group from various countries, and this is the reason why these data which are available in all the countries or which, in order to meet the demands of the local market or the regulations in such countries, may be available only with different specifications or configurations.

This website is made available to you, in order to provide you indications about the specifications and prices of our Mercedes-Benz products. We make all the possible efforts to ensure the accuracy of data. However, please consider that the products, prices and specifications may be changed without any prior notice, following some errors or price changes arising from some notices from the Daimler AG group. We cannot provide any warranty as regards the accuracy or availability of the products, the accuracy of the prices, or of the specifications of products described on this website.
 In order to ascertain that the prices and specifications of products are valid and accurate, please contact an Authorized Mercedes-Benz Sales and Service Center. All the product orders are subject to the sale terms and conditions of the Authorized Mercedes-Benz Sales and Service Center.

If you are interested in a certain product found on our internet page, please contact the closest Authorized Mercedes-Benz Sales and Service Center (that you can find on our page ""Mercedes-Benz Centers"").
Our company reserves the right to change the products, prices and specifications without any prior notice.

Unless mentioned otherwise, all the trademarks displayed on the internet sites of Daimler AG are subject to the rights to Daimler AG registered marks, to the logos and signs of the company.

The dissemination of the information described on this page is according to the legislation in force. This internet page contains links also to external websites that are not under the control of Daimler AG. This is the reason why we are not responsible in any way for the content of any of such pages.
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